Loving Yourself Well

At the core of your center, is a woman longing to reveal the truth, and be loved for who she really is.

I'm In!

If you've never heard of a Soul Dive, join us for a radical shift of awareness.

After reading our Bill of Rights, you probably discovered that we like to rock the boat.  No apologies from us but now we are about to challenge everything you've been taught about love and shatter the invisible rules you've been led to abide by. Not sure what that means? You’re not the only one. There is a hidden cultural system that you are currently bound by due to social conditioning and it is holding you captive.  We are here to unveil it allowing you to see something you've never seen before.

We have been taught to live on the surface of life and to separate from our true self from the time we were little girls. We have been in survival mode for so long, we are not even sure what “living fully” means.

Are you open to revealing some new truths?

What if the way we were taught to act and behave is in service to something we cannot yet see, and what if we have only been living in the shallow end? Curious about going deeper?  We can lead you to your buried treasure. 

Let's face it, most of us have spent a good portion of our lives doing everything in service of others.  We are skilled at giving away our time and our energy, leaving nothing for ourself. We have even normalized shallow breathing during the constant running we do during the day that ends up to leading us to feel like we gasping for air in the still of the night. 

We’ve busied our lives with everything we “must” do, forever desperate for a bit of time to ourselves.  And yet -if we are being honest- even if we were granted a rare moment to be alone and quiet, we don’t actually know how to nurture who we truly are.  We might drink a little too much wine, or indulge in a little too much chocolate.  We numb out for hours with tv or scrolling or gaming, only to succumb to the ever familiar shame spiral later.  It’s difficult to admit, but we repeat this cycle over and over again because it’s too painful to actually sit in our discomfort and acknowledge what’s truly happening inside.

Is this all there is to life? 

People give a lot of lip service to self-actualization and love, but have we attempted to define for ourselves what that even means? And furthermore, there's this lingering question: If I were to truly know myself, can I even say that I love, value and respect myself?

Ouch. It’s a hard question to ask because we don't even know if we can look in the mirror and say to ourselves with our whole heart , “I matter! My happiness and well-being is important!”

This may not come as surprise to you, but the number one thing most women struggle to declare is this: “I love myself.”  Take a deep breath and lean in with us- we are here to dive deep with you.  Are you curious to reveal what is buried beneath the surface?



I am ready to dive in!
Women have heard the whispers of self judgment (or worse, self-loathing) for thousands of years.

It's a learned behavior, passed down from generation to generation and it perpetuates the disconnection women experience within themselves and with others. 

SO many women have opened up to us and we are discovering this collective hidden truth:

“For as long as I can remember, I have felt invisible, irrelevant and unworthy.  I have done everything I have been  told or taught to do and yet somehow, despite all of my efforts, I still feel terrible about myself. I'm restless, lonely and exhausted. What's wrong with me?"


You are not alone. 

Until we discovered the way out, we too lived in the constant yoyo of emotions, and feeling like there was something we were trying to grasp but couldn’t quite place our finger  on.  There is a truth women are seeking, and we know it feels hidden and just out of reach.  The good news is, we also know how to reveal it.  It pains us to see how many women are privately suffering, and deeply craving to be seen, recognized and loved for who we are.  Women from all over the world are feeling overwhelmed, lost, and detached from our center of well-being.  We live in an unconscious state of apology, and we don’t even know it.  We have lost the connection from our intuition, and many of us are living in a vicious cycle of self sabotage, constantly frustrated because turning the corner to feeling alive and energized just seems too elusive. 


Listen- you may not believe me yet, but there is nothing wrong with you. You simply live in a system you can not clearly see, and once you do, you can be free.

We teach the 7 steps to freedom and invite you to join us as we redefine our approach to life.

Our passion became a project, and the project became the hidden channel in the sea of life, in which we found the deepest connection to our soul and found the key to freedom that unlocked us from the trance of unworthiness.

Here at The Revelation Project, we breathe deeply because We Know Better. We no longer tolerate women playing small. We are calling our smart and dynamic sisters out of treading in the shallow waters and into the depths where they can widen their arms swim at their own stroke. We will no longer tolerate vibrant souls to be anchored and hiding in plain sight. We are no longer available for our soul sisters to be lonely in murky water and lacking a supportive circle where everyone thrives.

Join us and find Freedom: 

Let’s face it… Life has enough twists and turns all on it’s own!  If you feel like you don’t even know where to begin, take a deep breath and dive in with us. Say goodbye to shallow breathing.  The tools in this course teach you how to navigate the world with confidence and ease so that the crazy-making days of being pulled in every which direction are a thing of the past.  There is a way out, and after coaching women one-on-one and through a variety of workshops for DECADES, we decided to create a digital course that was easy to digest.  THROUGH our proven framework, tried and true strategies, tools and practices that lead you TO the ultimate, empowered, intentional version of life you deeply desire to have.  With the alchemy of our community, the support, the accountability and soulful nature of our coaching and guidance, learning to Love Yourself Well will revolutionize your life.

Count Me In!
  • Explore the beautiful side of vulnerability within the safety of a supportive circle of women.
  • Learn the art of setting boundaries so that you can enjoy healthy, positive connections with others.
  • Tap into your inner guide so that you can make decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • Identify the courageous action you can take so that you can have the awakened version of your life.
  • Uncover where you disconnect or hide and learn new strategies to stay integrated and centered.
  • Learn how to confidently say “yes” or “no” without being trapped by guilt, an un-true sense of obligation  or “should-do” mentality.
  • Name your own truths and release any false beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Rediscover your creativity, opening you to feel alive and energized
  • Revive your intuition and find freedom from the rollercoaster of indecision
  • Finally find your voice and the freedom to express the more assertive, empowered side of you.

"I am not sure what the best part of this course was: the entertaining video lessons, the provocative and eye-opening assignments, the magic that happened during the conference calls, the camaraderie among the participants, or the humor and love that Andrea and Monica deployed continually. I cannot stress enough how important I believe it is for women to connect on this level, both with each other and with ourselves. I will continue to revisit the soul work we did in this class, and I hope to be part of this community for a long time to come. "

Susie G.

"I love the Sorry No More module!! I am a chronic apologizer. I am always trying to make others comfortable. I wrote a long list of my rights! You were correct Monica & Andrea, once I began to notice where i wanted to assert my rights, they all came out and are still coming. "

Deidre W.

"Loving Yourself Well has been such an eye opening experience. Monica and Andrea are fantastic facilitators and have a true bond. What I noticed is that I've never had authentic friendships, I had never seen it modeled between women before now. I love all of the Women in LYW and know we will build lasting relationships. "


"I am happy. I am complete. I am grateful. I have so enjoyed traveling on this journey with all of you wonderful and courageous women! I loved hearing your shares, loved getting to know each of you. I appreciate all of us individually for our differences and our similarities. I loved your share at the end Monica, it was the bonus session that reflected what is possible from doing this work and how it not only impacts our immediate relationships, but generations. "


"Fighting cancer made me realize how much I've been living with fear and scarcity which ends up being a very lonely road in life. After the diagnosis I realized that something had to change. Through this work, I've been able to know the difference between giving and receiving and how both need to be in balance! It is wonderful to give but now it's time to also receive! This has been such a healing journey! "


"I loved todays call, hearing what everyone is declaring for their new vision of themselves. While listening I realized how many parts of myself I've been denying. I often lose my lightness, my spirit, my daydreaming self- and that's a big part of who I am. My practical self and my fixer self is useful, and necessary, but she can't take over all the time. I want to access these other parts of myself now that they have been revealed."


"Confession time! This course has really helped me check in mentally-about what it is to really loving myself well. Until now, I had no idea what that even meant or how to do it. Each week I've now practicing as i'm learning skills and implementing them into my Life. I'm being pushed into new directions that I've never dreamed and because of this course I'm seeing something really important. I have always pushed myself so hard in life, a bit of an anal retentive perfectionist and I expect a lot of myself (too much). I help everyone else and then push myself to get everything done and many times ignore my own needs and desires- hell many times I haven't even know what my needs and desires are... and yet, now not only am I'm starting to be aware, I'm actually making changes. "



We know what it’s like to want a sense of belonging… a desire to be understood, but also the tendency to stick to the generic, surface level conversation.  We get it.  Withholding can be easier because we are so used to suppressing our needs.  We have heard it time and time again:  the risk of vulnerability, being judged or facing rejection is simply too much to take on. We’ve all been disappointed before and frankly find it easier to engage at a basic level.  And yet… here we are, craving the deep, intimate conversations- the very same conversations that we also fear.  A big part of WHY we have created this community centered experience is to fulfill the need for a sisterhood that dives deep into the meaningful conversations.  In this circle we offer the tools to establish an unparalleled connection and create the foundation of a strong feminine friendship that can weather any storm.


We created this course with YOU in Mind


There is a global shift happening and women are entering into a new phase of inner-leadership and self-led living.  They too are seeking circles of women to embark on their journey with.   Transformation can be a lonely place when going at it on your own.  That is why we deeply value this beautiful experience.  Nothing compares to discovering your revelation along side of other insightful, supportive and inspirational women who are also shifting their life, just like you.  We’d like to invite you to join our circle and take the first step to allowing yourself to discover the magical shifts that are possible in your life.  We have learned how to Love Ourself Well and are called to teach others how to do the same for themselves.  We encourage you to choose courage over comfort, take the leap, and answer this question: how good can my life get? 

I am ready for this

What comes with my course?

A curriculum of themes to ponder and explore.
  • Our curriculum includes 12 modules of content to explore in the way that best meets your needs: video, and printable PFD's will be available to watch or download each week, and your new content will arrive in your email box each week.
  • Between each new module you'll be prompted to explore, reveal and share your insights and revelations inside the course, in our private group, or in your journal.
3 live zoom circle gathering opportunities per month with your LYW Guides are also included in your program. (Please note that these zoom calls are optional AND they offer rich dimension to your class).  We've scheduled both daytime calls as well as an evening call each month to best meet everyone's needs. 
  • These are not ordinary zoom calls, ladies. We plan to have fun, go deep and dive into discussions that shift perspectives, expand horizons, and deepen our living experience. 

  • Don't know how to use zoom? Don't worry, we will send a link in our on-boarding email and guide you through how to use it. 

  • Each call will be recorded for those who are unable to attend, so that you can watch and listen when it best suits you. Remember- there are no "should's" here, it's about going at your own pace! 

  • Zoom is a free download and will enable us to connect via video/phone chat. Click here to learn more.

Guided material and journal prompts
  • If you're someone who loves to work on paper, feel free to print these little gems. This support material will assist you as you dive in and explore.

  • You have the opportunity to keep a journal throughout the course with creative opportunities to explore. 
Facebook Group Support (optional but encouraged)
  • The group experience on facebook is a wonderful gathering space for sharing insights with one another. This is a private and confidential group and our goal is to create a courageous space for our sisterhood.
  • There are those of you who are not on Facebook, and we wish to honor your decision to love yourself in this way. This too is an optional offer AND, please consider opening an account to get the full benefit of the sharing that happens as part of this wonderful sisterhood. 
Recorded coaching videos & guided meditations.
  • These sessions will be posted on the facebook group as well as sent to you via email. 


*Please note that you are invited to do as much or as little of the extra material as you wish. There are those of you who will want the 'extras' and those of you will will just want to digest the core class. The goal is to do what you can, when you can. It's less about the doing and more about the being :)

"I'm giving myself permission to know that this is what life looks like when everything is realigning in order to better serve me moving forward, vs. abusing myself about why life feels chaotic and daunting and reverting into cynical thoughts and commentary from my inner critics. I give myself permission to sit them all down on the couch with washrags stuffed in their mouths so that they can quietly support me vs. hurl hurtful insults while pointing their fingers at me telling me " I told you so!" and " why can't you just..." I'm giving myself permission to remind myself how much love, support and abundance surrounds me and to whisper loving acknowledgments to myself like "you've got this" "Yep! I'm so loving the permission slips right now! "


"I dared to have a difficult conversation with my Aunt last week. I told her that I wanted to be transparent with her and that I did not want to hurt her feelings and that while I'm grateful for her generous offer to come visit her. I told her that I was struggling with the decision because the truth is, I really feel the need to go see my Dad. I was so nervous about how she would react and told her I was afraid of disappointing her. How she reacted is that she said she understood! Not only that- but when I spoke with her a day later, she THANKED ME, for being so open and transparent with her. She said she really appreciated it! WOW! Then I thanked her for thanking me! It was a big ol' love fest! "


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions most frequently asked about our program:

Our private group is held on Facebook. I’d like to share why we continue to use this platform after spending quite some time searching for an alternate location.

While I realize not everyone is on Facebook, this way of gathering has proven to create the most intimate way of being together virtually and witnessing one another.  

The main reason is because anyone in our circle can create a post, share an image or a video. It's truly a beautiful way of gaining more insight and sisterhood. 

The group isn't where your assignments are given, those happen via email and on our platform. However, the group will be the place to share in your insights or witness other women as we go. Not all posts are related to the course work, in fact- there are many great bonus opportunities in the group to benefit from such as: 

  • Bonus Video Material
  • Fun prompts
  • Reveal Tips and much more... 

The circle, the women who gather, you, are what make this time together so special. We get to know each other on a level of intimacy that is sacred. 

*If you are someone who are not a fan of Facebook, consider joining and creating a Facebook account that is not attached to people in your private life to use exclusively for our program. Women often they even rename themselves -which can be quite powerful :) This way when you go on Facebook you are only there for the group, for our circle, and to be part of our work. There is nothing else in the way of your time.


TRP is a metaphor for life. Your life is your Revelation Project.

We invite soul seeking women to practice the transformative art of revealing.

We provide the experiences, tools and support for women to build deep connections that unlock and accelerate personal growth to access more passion, full- permission, intuition, creativity and much more.

Our retreats, workshops, online circles, courses, & coaching services help women connect and express themselves in a brave and supportive environment. 

Our Mission: to disrupt the trance of unworthiness in women, guide her to integrate all aspects of her being, claim her personal power, and reveal the truth of who she is.

LYW (Loving Yourself Well) Is our foundational online course for women,. 

There are 12 lessons that are sent over the course of 12 weeks. However, you have access to the LYW video modules with PDF and Transcripts for one year from the time of your purchase to complete your program, should you need it. 


With any new tool, it's important to apply each lesson in practice-mode in the days between lessons.  Our goal is to help guide you toward success with each new concept we introduce every  week and give enough time to digest the material and apply these lessons to your life.  for example: If the lesson is on boundaries- we will give you opportunities to apply the examples in your own life. As you work with the tool, you will share via the comments section of the program or in the FB group, where you applied a boundary and how it worked for you. This gives other women an opportunity to share their successes and insights so that we can all benefit.

At the end of the 12 week period, you will be invited as a graduate to consider an ongoing membership at a low monthly fee, but are not in anyway obligated to join.

Our ongoing monthly membership gives you:

  • Ongoing access to our private facebook group and sisterhood  to continue practicing this work in your life.
  • Members discounts to TRP retreats, workshops, events, coaching services, digital programs and more.  
  • Bonus material 


Monica Rodgers, & Andrea Willets have been working together as a team for The Revelation Project since 2011.  

Monica Rodgers, CPCC: is the Founder of The Revelation Project: Transformative Workshops for Women.

Monica Rodgers is a serial entrepreneur with over 25+ years of business development and leadership experience including: sales, brand development, social media marketing, life coaching and  business coaching & consulting.

Monica Rodgers, CPCC, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, with a special focus coaching women who want to reveal more passion, vitality, & perspective in their lives. Monica also loves working with women who are making bold shifts and new connections to their inner purpose and wanting to express their work in the world through business, art, media, blogging and beyond.

Andrea Willets, CPCC: Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Owner of Voice of My Life, Coaching and Leadership Development, and Co-Founder of Revelation Media, LLC. Andrea is a social artist as well and performs a traveling one-woman show called “Sorry, No More!”. She has been coaching women and couples, facilitates BOD for non profits and team facilitates retreats for the past 13 years.

Andrea received her coaching certification through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and is a Leadership Graduate of CTI as well, trained in Organizational Relationship Systems (ORSC) by Center for Right Relationship, and is a recognized certified coach by The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Andrea is a Key Note Speaker on Women’s issues, with particular focus on, “How to stop apologizing for your life”.

Andrea designs and facilitates workshops and retreats for organizations, non profits, and women’s groups.

Co-Founder of Revelation Media, LLC., The Revelation Project (TRP), uses workshops, coaching, photography, social media, and journaling as tools for transformation to inspire women to reveal their authentic selves.


We are looking forward to linking arms with you in this journey!


After registering for your program, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you with instructions and information for your content , gathering circle calls and a link to join the LYW facebook group! 

Gathering circle calls will be available 3X per month and you are welcome to attend which ever calls work best for your schedule (or none at all).

Our circle gatherings will be on Monday afternoons and Thursday evenings via zoom (EST).

  • 12:30 PM (EST) on the first Monday & the last Monday of each month.
  • Alternately we are offer a Thursday evening call on the second to last Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM (EST).

* Should our Monday call fall on a holiday, we will meet that same week on Thursday at our normally scheduled time for THURSDAYS 7:30 PM (EST) & regular updates will be posted on the FB group page as well as email reminders.  

All instructions, recorded calls and the release of each module will be emailed to you weekly so if you can’t make the zoom gatherings they will be recorded and emailed to you to watch and listen at your convenience as well as posted to the facebook group. 

This is going to be amazing, we are so glad you are joining us! 

With warmth and sisterhood, 

Monica & Andrea


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"We know what the world wants from us. We know we must decide whether to stay small, quiet, and uncomplicated or allow ourselves to grow as big, loud, and complex as we were made to be. Every girl must decide whether to be true to herself or true to the world. Every girl must decide whether to settle for adoration or fight for love.”― Glennon Doyle Melton


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